We have launched our newly redesigned website!

We have launched our newly redesigned website!

Infinity Mesh is proud and excited to announce the launch of our new website! Visit our new site here. Our main goal with the newly developed website was to showcase all the work we have done for our clients on a freshly designed, more aesthetically pleasing and well-organized website, especially after the positive feedback and testimonials we got back from them after successful collaboration.

In addition to renovated design we have added new features:

Blog section

Which will be a trusted source of information relating to us and our areas of expertise. Here you will find articles about CMS best practices, problems and solutions, data-mining, machine learning, mobile development, tech advices, new technology caveats and more.

Our Services

This section showcases what we have to offer. From here you can navigate to every service individually. Since we have most experience delivering CMS solutions in all currently used CMS technologies we have made CMS Solutions section easily reachable from the navigation menu.

Our Work

Here we have showcased all the work we have done in a digital portfolio. Case studies for projects we are most proud of working on can be located here, including our work done for autism community, work done on image enhancement and image processing and projects where we designed custom systems from scratch which oversee clients internal business processes.

Naturally we have made viewing experience for the new website seamless and responsive across desktop computers, tablets and mobile devices. Make sure to explore our new website and leave a comment. Your feedback is greatly appreciated and will allow us to add value to our website and keep you informed on topics you are most interested in. You can get in touch with us directly through the contact us section of the new webpage.


Keep it professional,
Infinity Mesh Team

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