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Get to Know Rochester Electronics

Rochester Electronics is the world’s largest continuous source of semiconductors–100% Authorized by over 70 leading semiconductor manufacturers. Rochester's comprehensive semiconductor lifecycle solutions include authorized distribution, licensed manufacturing, and manufacturing services.

The Challenge

Dealing with an ever-increasing number of Bills of Materials from clients, Rochester Electronics decided that it's time to upgrade the BOM maintenance and administration system. Our team was tasked with system redesign to accommodate the increasing customer needs. We had to fully grasp how Rochester Electronics operates their business, and also be mindful of their interaction with other clients, because the system had to communicate with third party API's. We had to develop a custom-tailored web app, which would facilitate easy data manipulation and set up a series of scheduled tasks, to perform heavy data transactions between the database and a large number of BOM's.

The Solution

We carefully implemented custom scheduled tasks to perform batch transactions with the database, and log if any errors were to happen during transfer. Special care was taken when designing this aspect of the application, because we had to ensure no server clogging would happen at any given time.

The Results

We created a modern web application, focusing on ease of use, delivering all the requested operations that were to be performed on a BOM (entry, edit, deletion, upload and save). Application was customized to accept, recognize and modify Excel spreadsheets which are commonly used in this scenario.

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