About Us

Infinity Mesh was founded on a lifelong passion for programming and its ability to change the face of enterprise. Doing anything less was inconceivable. Our achievements were realized early on in partnership with our clients, who we empowered to succeed through our API built information systems. That’s why, while others define themselves by the industries and technologies they work with, we choose to define ourselves by our integrity, devotion to client partners, and agile approach to implementation.

Our History

Primary reasons most clients have for offshoring their development is to tap into a greater talent pool, scale faster, and save on cost. These benefits typically seem to come with challenges such as poor communication due to remote resources, cultural differences, and at times, low quality of work.

Infinity Mesh was founded to address these challenges. The company’s management is headquartered in Cambridge, MA, right on the MIT campus, also the founder’s alma mater. Most of our developers are located in our development center in Central Eastern Europe. We offer a local presence with the benefit of highly skilled offshore talent at a reasonable cost. The cultural differences are almost non-existent. All developers speak at least two foreign languages, all are fluent in English, and each of them has worked for US clients before joining Infinity Mesh.

In addition to being very experienced, and having advanced degrees in engineering, our developers are also great problem solvers, well trained in Agile and Scrum. Infinity Mesh selects its developers for their high technical acumen, their ability to communicate clearly and lead a project.

Clients have 24/7 access to everyone on their team. This approach builds close knit collaboration and trust between our developers and the client’s team. Our engagements typically turn into a long-term relationship with our clients.

Our Process

We start the engagement by understanding your vision, strategy, business objectives, and audience. We perform product discovery and application design using an agile approach.

We give the same attention and focus to you regardless if you are a large enterprise client, or a small startup.

Whether all you have is a concept, a wireframe, or a working prototype, we will turn it into a full-fledged, sophisticated application, judged both by its design as well as technical architecture.

We execute both front-end to back-end development. On the front-end, we use our understanding of the client's business goals to solve complex user interaction problems and produce beautiful UI that extends their brand. On the back back-end, we produce clean, high-quality, efficient code using a wide variety of languages.

Our designers and developers will be in direct contact with you throughout the entire process.

Our Mission

Our company’s mission is to provide our clients services characterized by high value, high quality, and high commitment.

Our high value comes from offering full stack development services for building custom applications, a broad collection of open-source tools and techniques, highly trained senior engineering talent, at a reasonable cost.

Our high quality is result of a highly experienced and selective, engineering team implementing the best-in-breed agile and scrum processes to produce elegant design and code. The stellar work product we deliver is characterized by low defects and a well-founded mixture of functionality, performance and style.

Our high commitment is evident in near instantaneous feedback, comprehensive understanding of your business, ability to work within our client’s culture. We anticipate needs and design solutions before the client expresses them. Our clients view Infinity Mesh as an extension of their own team, and trust that we will operate in their best interest.